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Fine single Hook

hot selling No.2 injection hook (fine single hook),sky blue

hot selling No.2 injection hook (fine single hook),sky blue


Product type:  2# injection hook (plastic hook,thin soft hook)

Specification: 10-300mm (can be customized or processed as required)

Material: nylon

Uses: widely used in plastic, electronics, sports equipment, toys, baby products, etc

Features: hook type is r, feels not hurting hands, generally with nylon Loop, effect is good, especially used in baby products.

Textiles in the process of its use will be affected by light, washing, ironing, perspiration, friction and chemical agents and other external effects, some printing and dyeing textiles have been specially processed,such as resin finishing, flame retardant finishing, sand washing,brushed,etc, this requires printing and dyeing textile color keep certain  fastness.

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