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Polyester Hook and Loop

bags and suitcases polyester hook and loop fastener

bags and suitcases polyester hook and loop fastener


Product types: Polyester hook and loop

Specification: 10-180mm (Can be customized or processed as required.)

Material: 100% polyester

Use: this product can replace buttons, zippers, nails, clips, pins, pressing buckle, buckle and other functions, can be widely used in sports equipment, tents, poncho, audio equipment, medical equipment, clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other products.

Features: Hook and Loop can be processed into any specified shapes, simplify component design, reduce the manufacturing cost to achieve excellent product tensile properties,super strong shear resistance,positive tension and art design space, The temperature resistance of Hook & Loop fastener is very strong, even in the boiled water to also won't soften, different, not only high melting point and heat resistance can reach 120 degrees.

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