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Mushroom Hook and Loop

Automobile mushroom head hook and loop

Automobile mushroom head hook and loop


Product type: mushroom head hook and loop
Specification: 100 mm, 110 mm ,125 mm, 150 mm, (Can be customized or processed as required)
Material: nylon

Use: the products are widely used in clothing shoes and hats, gloves, bags, sofa, boats and carts, seat cushion, etc.

Features: At the top of the hook is a small burnt ball, side looks like mushroom umbrella surface, so called mushroom head, when used with nylon hair side,the adhesive force is especially strong,the fastening and peel strength is excellent,anti plasticizer,moisture resistance, uv resistance, solvent resistance, good tensile performance, repeatable closed, no intermediate sagging, noise reduction, vibration reduction, etc.

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